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Project Description
The one and only .NET connector for the amazing elFinder 2.X web-based file manager.
Finally you can manage your files easily right from your browser!

The main purpose of this project is to create easy to setup, use and, at the same time, powerful file manager for ASP.NET environment (WebForms or MVC). On the client side the elFinder 2.X is being used - please consult elFinder's documentation for more information about its features (like integration with TinyMCE). The connector itself is a IHttpHandler .
The connector is in early stage but already usable. Please see documentation for more information about using it in your project.

If you have encountered any bugs or have an idea about new feature (apart from listed below) - please use issue tracker or discussions page. If you would like to help develop it, then contact me. At this stage any help will be appreciated.

Check out other project that might be useful for you: - simple tool that allows you to edit almost any string on ASP.NET MVC website.

Note: if you find it useful, I'd appreciate if you let me know or buy me a beer!

Buy me a beer!

ASP.NET MVC test screenshot:

WebForms test screenshot:

Main features

  • basic operations as: listing directories, creating directories, creating files
  • files uploading, deleting, renaming, downloading
  • opening image files
  • other file/directory operations (move, copy, cut, duplicate)
  • text file editing
  • image thumbnails generation
  • support for elFinder image editor (resize, crop, rotate)
  • ability to replace built-in services (ie image editor, archives services etc) with user defined (note: this applies to source code only right now)

Missing features/TODO list

  • creating archives, extracting archives
  • server side error/exception logging (use log4net?)
  • last, but not least: better separation of concerns (eg in the matter of configuration)
    • ability to replace web.config based settings with other method (includes possibility to set different directories for different users)
    • make image editor service more flexible (not using physical files on disk but streams maybe?)

  • elFinder 2.X, jQuery (tested with version 1.7.1, version 1.4.1 seems to have problems with elFinder), jQuery UI
  • Json.NET (version 4.5.9)
  • IoC container, for instance:
    • Autofac (version 2.6.3 - but any should be compatible) - integration is provided (note: this applies to source code only right now)

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